About Topfruit.nl

Topfruit.nl is part of Topgeschenken Nederland B.V. Topgeschenken Nederland BV started providing services as an independent internet florist in 1999. Because of the increasing demand of internet sales, Topbloemen.nl was founded in 2005. By continuously working on the quality and service Topbloemen.nl has grown to be the market leader in the field of flower delivery. In October 2015 Topbloemen.nl and Geschenkbezorgen.nl joined forces and the company continues under the name Topgeschenken Nederland B.V. With the goal of making as many people as possible happy with gift delivery!

Topgeschenken Nederland B.V. includes the websites Topgeschenken.nl, Topbloemen.nl, Topfruit.nl en Toptaarten.nl

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The people behind Topfruit.nl

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